Waddington Electronics Inc.

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Machine Shop

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    Short run and custom CNC machining  
  • 3d CAD 2d Cad  CAM G code generation
  • Short run and prototype parts
  • fast turn around


CNC Milling
parts as large as 20 x 30 x 20
CNC Turning
36 x 10
Roll Grinding
Small rolls steel and urethane

Machine Design

Custom machines designed and built.

  • Design and Build or Machining and or construction





3D CAD, CAM, and CNC
Integrated Design and  manufacturing
Experienced in building and rebuilding of machinery
Reverse engineering

Circuit Board Assembly and Testing

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PCB assembly and testing ...

PCB Layout

Schematic and layout of printed circuits

  • Short run and prototypes
  • Testing of finished boards
  • quick turn around
Wave Solder Line
Insures 100 % good solder joints

Field Service

Service and Repair of industrial machines and equipment

Service and repair of electronic,  electrical, and mechanical machinery and automation equipment...

  • Trained and experience in PLC's and Motion control devices and systems.