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SONA-TROL is an efficient and low cost system for controlling tension and determining unwind and rewind diameters.

SONA-TROL Diameter measurement systems can be used to compliment load cell based tension control systems.

SONA-TROL Replaces diameter and ratio calculators and provides superior accuracy and provides diameter information at zero speed.

SONA-TROL combines sonar principles and technology with state of the art digital and analog electronics.

SONA-TROL is unaffected by material inconsistencies, dirt, lint and variations in line voltage.

SONA—TROL replaces electromechanical follower arms and diameter calculators. Tension is controlled precisely from the point where the material comes off a roll to ensure constant tension despite out of round rolls.

AO-2 Tension Control System
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Maximum roll diameters up to 24 feet
Automatic Tension Control
Non Contact Roll Diameter measurement
End of roll detector
0-90 psi air output
Linear or optional 0-100% taper Adjustment of tension
Will not harm sensitive films, foils, or other materials.
Replaces follower arms and diameter calculators.
No load cells
Operates on 110v/50/60 Hz power.
Also available with 0-90vdc, 0-10 volts, or 4-20 ma outputs .
Materials: Paper, film, foil, plastics metal, wire, chain, screen.
Sona-Trol AO-2 can be used on any winding or unwinding application.
Electrical Supply voltage
120 or 230 VAC 25/12 ma
Pneumatic Input pressure
up to 100 psi
Flow                             23cv
Filtration                       Included
Lubrication                   not needed
Pneumatic output        0-100psig Max
Physical                        Air input 1/4 inch NPT

AO-1 I to P system

Dual sensors for wide sensing area
Limit switch outputs (up to 20 per sensor)
Adjustable measurement repetition rate
Sensor array sequencer (up to 28 sensors)
Digital or analog readout of distance, height, or diameter of objects
Readouts can be scaled to measure volume of liquids or solids in tanks.
Wide range of voltage outputs
0-90 volt DC clutch or brake output
0 to 10 or 4 to 20 ma current loop output
Sensor head cable to 150'
High resolution 3" to 24" and 5" to 48" sensor head

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