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VTSS Straighteners

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Features Unified top roller bed assembly

A stock straightener that is easy to adjust for handling very thin stock and runs continuously without set marks at up to 1800 In/Min.

The Waddington VTSS-19 Coil Straightener features 19 fully powered rolls including 17 for straightening and 2 pinch rolls, With a Unified top roller bed assembly that holds the upper straightening rolls in a single plane to provide progressive leveling action. Employing 5/8" diameter one piece hardened and ground rolls, It Handles stock from .003 thick and up to .035" thick at the maximum 12" stock Width.

Capable of up to 1200 in/min operation, the Waddington VTSS-19 Coil Straightener is compatible with waddington servo driven roll feeds and incorporates a  DC regen Drive package Including SONA-TROL Ultrasonic loop controls with forward, reverse, and remote jog. Dial indicators are provided to facilitate adjustments and all rolls are backed up (3 Banks for a total of 57 rollers).

06 vtss on a base