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Pull Thru Straighteners


High quality precision built pull through Straightener's

5, 7, or 9, straightening rolls

1/4, 3/8, 1.25, 2, 3, 4 inch diameter rolls

Small diameter backed up versions

Machines from 1" to 48" wide

Custom machines

Convex and Concave rolls

Straighteners work by repeatedly bending the material beyond its yield point thus elongating the faces of the strip to make them equal
Roll diameter required for the job depends on the material thickness and yield strength.

micro section

Thinner materials require smaller diameters to effectively straighten the material.
More elastic materials such as some aluminum alloys also require smaller rolls and can be difficult to straighten.

  Precision Micro Straightener
2 inches wide 3/8 diameter rolls with backups
Bank adjust.
Dial or digital indicators for easy setting.

  Nano straighteners can be configured for wire or flat stock, foils, and other very thin materials. nano wire and stripnano_oberg

SFPT 1.25" diameter rolls 3 and 6 inches wide

LDMDPT 2" diameter rolls from 6-30" wide with and without backups

LCPT02 2" diameter rolls from 12 to 48 inches wide with and without backups


The Waddington PT Series Tru-Trak Pull Through Straightener features 1 piece hardened and ground drive rolls with precision ground structural components, including side and top plates; square and parallel to track straight.

 Equipped with an entry set of pinch rolls for threading.

Supplied for right or left hand feed applications, all moving members on this high reliability straightener incorporate anti-friction bearings

Sf series pull thru
  5 and 7 rolls straighteners feature analog or digital indicators for fast repeatable setups pullthru12
  LCPT01 3" diameter rolls from 12 to 48 inches wide with and without backups 36 wide pull thru
  Straighteners can be mounted in any orientation
this design is used on multislide machines.
Where the coil is fed edge to the sky.
vertical strip pull thru
Wide straighteners with small diameter rolls for thin materials require backup rollers.

This 48 wide machine features 3 sets.

These rolls prevent roll deflection that would distort the material.
48 wide with backuips