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Precision and Reliability.

  Waddington stock straighteners feature modern design and components.

They are built to exacting standards.

Our machines are built with attention to detail every machine is thoroughly tested and inspected before shipping.

Precision ground components made from stress relieved steel insure precise alignment allowing you to work the material beyond its yield point without imparting distortion into the strip because of machine deflection.

NEW ! Multi Strip Straighteners.

Increase your production with using the same number of presses.
Triple Straightner

Parts straighteners


VTSS Series

17 straightening rolls

For very thin material Bank adjustable with 17 5/8 " diameter straightening rolls with triple backups.

VTSS Flip top

11 straightening rolls

For Very Thin material, 11 3/8 diameter straightening rolls with backups

HSS Series

7 Straightening rolls

High Speed machines for very fast lines 2" and 3" diameter 11 roll machines with high performance drive systems.

PTSS Series

17 straightening rolls

21 roll Precision stock straightener for demanding applications like motor and transformer laminations and other precision stampings. These feature bank adjustment for easy setup.

Available with 1.25" and 2" diameter roll machines. With single dual or triple backups. And high performance drive systems.

Pull Through Straighteners

5 and 7 straightening rolls

Entry pinch rolls for easy threading

Precision pull through straightners that can be used with our roll feeds for some applications as well as a retrofit to existing feeders.

Waddington Straightners feature
Dial Indicators
Engraved scales
High Line speeds
Rugged machine base
A Varity of roll finishes
Precision ground Steel frame
Hardened precision ground rolls

High Performance drive systems

Sona-Trol, Probe-Trol and Super Dancer loop controls


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