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Multi Strip Straighteners

Increase production, Lower Costs.

Triple Line

Triple Straightner


Waddington Model HS-11-36-3-TS triple strip 11 roll regenerative drive powered Straightener:

Unique design to run 3 strips at once.

Three separate driven upper pinch rolls on each side insure positive grip on each strip.

Maximum stock width 24 inches
Stock thickness at full width Mild Steel .125 inches
Upper roll width 2.6 inches
Upper roll centerline spacing 7 inches
Straightening roll diameters 3.00 inches
Number of Straightening rolls 7
Number of powered pinch rolls 2 LOWER 6 UPPER
Motor/Drive 7.5-HP Regen AC Vector
Input Voltage 460 AC/3Ph/50/60Hz

Standard Features Include
• 15 rolls
• 7 straightening rolls
• 8 entry and exit pinch rolls Air Operated
• quick release pinch rolls for easy threading .25 opening
• adjustable pinch roll pressure
• 3 Dial Indicators
• 3” diameter rolls
• 3.5 ” roll spacing
• 8” centerlines for upper rolls
• Heavy duty 7 roll Straightener
• Sona-Trol loop control.
• Lower straightening rolls and upper pinch rolls are driven
• All rolls hardened and ground
• Anti-friction bearings on all rolls.
• 7.5 HP AC Vector Drive Package; including:
• triple sensor SONA-TROL control and start/stop/jog forward/jog reverse/auto/manual selector switch and remote push buttons for jogging on a coil cord in a NEMA 12 enclosure. (Includes stand)
• Dial Indicators
• One piece hardened and ground rolls.
• Solid state Regenerative D.C. Drive system
• Controls include forward reverse and remote JOG
• 91 ft / minute max operating speed 20:1 reducer
• All material is stress relieved
• All machines structural parts are ground flat ground before machining.
• Ground Heavy duty side plates and bearing blocks
• Rugged steel machine base with ground top