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21 2inch diameter roll machine gear sideHigh Speed Precision Straightening

Stress relieves material
Great for motor and transformer laminations
All Rolls Driven
Easy Bank Adjustment
all rolls backed up
1.25 and 2" diameter rolls
3" pinch rolls
coil and parts straightening

Precision Stock Straighteners

Designed to complement today’s high speed Servo driven roll feeds, Waddington PSS high performance Precision Stock Straighteners deliver easy setup and superior straightening capabilities.

Setup is fast, easy, accurate, and repeatable. Upper roll bank adjustments are made simply by turning hand wheels located at the entry and exit sides of the machine. Dial indicators allow precise settings to be accurately repeated so that valuable time is not wasted with trial and error adjustments associated with lesser equipment.

With its 21 rolls this Straightener eliminates problems associated with coil set variation from the start to the end of the coil or changes occurring when switching from running off the top or bottom of the coil. This precision stock straightening machine will deliver flat stock to your feeder faster and flatter than any 5, 7, 11, or 17, roll machine on the market.

The large numbers of straightening rolls allow a gentler, gradual straightening of the material and the unified upper roll bed design allows for easy setup and adjustment of the straightening process.

All straightening rolls are backed up to minimize roll deflection this allows the material to be heavily worked without imparting distortion into the length and width of the material.


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21 2inch diameter roll with Down set option

Electrical controls include High performance DC and optional AC drive systems and Non-contact Ultrasonic loop controls are standard. The drive system is designed to provide a smooth continuos flow of material to the feeder. The control system is designed to eliminate material dragging across the floor and provide smooth non stop material delivery to the feeder loop over the its wide range line speed capability.

When combined with today’s high speed presses and feeders the superior features of the PSS Straighteners allow higher levels of production, quality, die life and profitability.

Standard Features Include21

DC Regen Drive Package; including:
SONA-TROL control and start / stop / jog forward / jog
reverse/ auto / manual selector switch and remote push buttons for jogging on a coil cord in a NEMA 12 enclosure.
Dial Indicators
Continuous running with no set marks
One piece hardened and ground rolls .0002 TIR
All rolls positively powered
All rolls backed UP
Three inch entrance and two inch exit powered pinch rolls
Precision Roller bearings on all rolls
Controls include forward / reverse and remote JOG
Hardened Drive Gears
183 ft / minute max operating speed
Ground Heavy duty side plates and bearing blocks
Rugged steel machine base with ground top


Key Benefits

  • Reduce mis-feeds
  • Stress Relieves material
  • Increase up time and die life