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Electronic Dancer Arm Position Controller

shown with optional stand
  No Potentiometer to wear out
No Operator Adjustments
Integrator for constant loop size
Stand Mounted super dancer
SUPER DANCER incorporates state of the art electronic circuitry which eliminates the use of a typical potentiometer. Most dancer arm applications use potentiometers which have a very short life span and cause very expensive down time. By eliminating the potentiometer there is virtually no physical wear and tear eliminating down time.
SUPER DANCER state of the art electronic circuitry allows easy adjustments of your loops zero to full speed set points. There is no need for repositioning the potentiometer to allow for a different loop height or changing dancer arm gears for a different RPM /inch speed range. These adjustments may be made while equipment is still in operation which eliminates even more costly down time!
SUPER DANCER state of the art electronic circuitry incorporates PID output functions as a standard feature. The PID feature automatically integrates to achieve minimum loop height changes and is a must for fast changing line speeds such as Roll Forming applications and high speed feeding applications!
SUPER DANCER can be applied in straightener, rewind or unwind applications, etc.. and supplies an isolated analog dc voltage to control virtually any DC or AC drive control.

Now available in Shaft version to adapt to your existing dancer linkage

Basic unit is an open chassis type with the analog prox included.

Add enclosure, arm, stand, and limit if required.

Add other options for special systems. (consult factory)
basic assy PSDAA10005 Superdancer open chassie
high performance PID loop control with adjustable zero, gain, and intergal control for smooth operation
Analog output signal is isolated from ground
Optional contact closure for tight or full loop indication
  PSDAA10010 Parts for Drive option select this instead of the open chassie
if you will order a drive
enclosure PSDAA10003 12x10x5  superdancer only  
  PSENC10032-SD 16x14x6  fits dc drives  
PSENC10032-SDAC 16x14x10   fits ac vector drive
arm option PSDAA10000 Dancer arm assembly
Rugged arm with non marking delrin roller and adjustable counter ballence weight

weight can be moved to roller side to add more load to arm in situations where required

can be rotated 360 deg with no mechanical failure

no pot to wear out

heavy duty ball bearings and shaft will never wear out or break off

1 inch thick steel mounting plate with predrilled holes for mounting

Other arms available with wider rollers and diffrent materials

Stand PFSTD40000 Superdancer stand
limits PSDAA10006 upper or lower electronic limit switch Optional contact closure for tight or full loop indication
drive options PSDRV10001-SD 1/8-1hp 120v regen 
  PSDRV10002-SD 1/4-2hp 220 v regen dc  
  PSDRV10012-SD 1hp 220v flux vector   

Cables for Rapid Air reels and straighteners

WESTARAAC1   old style rapidair cable
WESTARAAC2   6  pin  rapidair cable
also fits waddington pull rolls.
  WESTARAAC3   25 pin  rapidair cable w jog  
  Other Available Options    
  STWESTAV/F1 voltage to frequency output  
  WESTAMUX2 analog multiplier  
  WESTAHVAO1 0-90v dc output  
  WESTAJOG jog option  
  WESTALFO1 AC line filter  
  WESTATW1   limit thumbwheel setpoint  
  WESTARP1   remote distance pot  
  WESTARP2   remote gain pot  
  WESTAPT1   payoff/takeup switch  
  WESTAFR1   forward reverse switch  
  WESTAMAO20   4-20 ma output  
  WESTAMAO10   0-10 ma output  
  WESTADIV2   analog divider  
  WESTABSO1   base speed option  
  WESTAAOM1   anolog meter  
  WESTAEAO1   extra analog output  
  WESTAEAON1   extra analog output inv  
WESTATOGGLE    on off toggle switch
WESTASUM3   line speed summing
  WESTAONOFF two setpoint on off control