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Servo Loop

Loop control intergrated with feed and pilot release controls

Touch screen interface.

Delivers material precisely when its needed

Press feed sees consistent low inertia.

Alows feed to run at higher speeds and shorter feed angles.

Speed and load meter.

Mechanical Features:

Two, Three, or four, inch diameter smooth steel finish rolls.

Heavy duty dowel-pinned frame.

Tool-less adjustable passline stand.

Permanently lubricated anti-friction bearings.

Gears between top and bottom rolls.

Two adjustable stock entry guides.

Cam rollers with handles.

No tools are required for adjustment.

Horizontal hold-down rollers at feed input.

Phenumatic release for easy threading.

also available for straighteners.
  Electrical Features:
Brushless low-inertia Servo Motor.

With high temperature windings and internal thermal protector
Resolver Feedback
Limit touch probes
Press e-stop interlock
Follows Press mounted encoder and Feed Settings for smooth operation.



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