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Non-contact Variable speed Loop control

Works on Virtually any material including paper, film or foil.
Will not mark, Scratch, dent, or tear sensitive materials.

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  • ST-6 Standard Features

MRSH-Rev1 5" to 20’ - best for diameter measurement
MRSH-rev2 18" to 20’ - best for loop control
Adjustable gain
10’ sensor head cable
Oil tight JIC enclosure
Electrically isolated sensor
Adjustable distance zero offset
Adjustable Receiver sensitivity

Includes an exclusive circuit that allows use in applications where bouncing strips are likely to cause false measurements.

This proprietary circuit detects false signals and rejects them allowing SONA-TROL

to give proper take-up and Payoff smoothness regardless of strip bounce or sway.

Optional Features

  • Air pressure output
  • PID output board
  • RMS output board
  • Sensor cables to 1000 feet
  • Multiple sensors for a wide sensing area
  • Adjustable measurement rate
  • Limit switch outputs (up to 20 per sensor)
  • Sensor Array Sequencer (up to 128 sensors)
  • High Resolution sensors 3"to 24" and 5" to 48" range
  • Digital or analog readout of distance, height, or diameter of objects
  • Readouts can be scaled to measure volume of liquids or solids in tanks
  • Wide range of voltage and current loop outputs
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SONA-TROL Patented analog output NON CONTACT loop control is not limited to loop control applications

SONA-TROL can be used to control levels of liquids and solids in tanks

SONA-TROL Can be used to control unwind and rewind tension

SONA-TROL Can be used to detect the presence or absence of pallets in automated warehouses.

SONA-TROL Can measure changes as small as .010 inches

SONA-TROL Now comes in many models with a variety of standard and optional features that allow you to configure the optimum NON contact sensing and control system for your application


Sonatrol Order Key  (download)


Cables for Rapid Air reels and straighteners

WESTARAAC1   old style rapidair cable
WESTARAAC2   15 pin  rapidair cable
  WESTARAAC3   15 pin  rapidair cable w jog  
  Other Available Options    
  STWESTAV/F1 voltage to frequency output  
  WESTAMUX2 analog multiplier  
  WESTAHVAO1 0-90v dc output  
  WESTAJOG jog option  
  WESTALFO1 AC line filter  
  WESTATW1   limit thumbwheel setpoint  
  WESTARP1   remote distance pot  
  WESTARP2   remote gain pot  
  WESTAPT1   payoff/takeup switch  
  WESTAFR1   forward reverse switch  
  WESTAMAO20   4-20 ma output  
  WESTAMAO10   0-10 ma output  
  WESTADIV2   analog divider  
  WESTABSO1   base speed option  
  WESTAAOM1   anolog meter  
  WESTAEAO1   extra analog output  
  WESTAEAON1   extra analog output inv  
WESTATOGGLE    on off toggle switch
WESTASUM3   line speed summing
  WESTAONOFF two setpoint on off control  

  Sona-Trol Manual