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  For very smooth payout control
Touch Sensor loop control with a twist
Variable Speed command output
Finds line speed and holds it for constant payout speed
On/Off controls also available
High and low limit option

In the press room Consistency is the name of the game and inconsistent control of stock loops can cause all kinds of problems

Consistent loop size insures that your press feeder sees the same stock inertia and weight, this minimizes slippage.

Keeping the stock from being bent or kinked after straightening insures that the material will travel freely through the die during the feed portion of the stamping cycle.

Upgrade your existing machinery with Probe-Trol for Smoother running payoff’s and take-ups. No operator adjustments make it easy to use and the integrator type control insures smoother running machinery and more consistent loop size.

Probe-Trol comes in Several models including models that come with Rapid Air adapter cables making installation as simple as plugging in the connector.

Probe-Trol can also be custom configured for your application, and can be supplied with A.C. or D.C. motor speed controllers of any horsepower.

Two Year Warranty


Probe-Trol Manual


Pre Configured Prob-Trol Systems

    Probe-Trol with DC drive and stand  


These units have a relay output that can turn on and off basic reels and straighteners.

WEPTAONOFF probe-trol 120vac on/off

WEPTAONOFFNS probe-trol on/off no stand 120 vac

WEPTAONOFFTL1 probe-trol on/off chassis assy


Smooth Running Variable speed systems

These controls wire into most ac and dc variable speed drives.

WEPTAPT1 probe-trol 120vac stand 0-10v

WEPTAPT1-1 Probe-Trol basic unit w stand and enclosure 0-10 out

WEPTAPT11 probe-trol 120vac with 1/2hp dc drive

WEPTAPT11LS probe-trol 120vac with 1/2hp dc drive probes no stand

WEPTAPT11R probe-trol 120vac w/1hp regen dc drive and stand

WEPTAPT12 probe-trol 230vac with 2hp dc drive and stand

WEPTAPT12R probe-trol 230vac w/2hp regen dc drive and stand

WEPTAPT15R probe-trol 230vac w/5hp regen dc drive and stand

WEPTAPT1LS probe-trol 120vac/0-10vdc less

WEPTAPT1LSA probe-trol 0-10vdc no stand no probes

WEPTAPT1LSANENC probe-trol open chassie no probes no enclosure


Probe-trol for Rapid Air Machinery

These units have cables that plug into the loop control port on your Rapid Air reel or straightener

WEPTAPT2 probe-trol w/rapid air adapter cable1 5pin

WEPTAPT3 probe-trol w/rapid air adapter cable2 6pin

WEPTAPT4 probe-trol w/rapid air adapter cable2 d-shell


Other Options

WEPTARP3 probe-trol rp-3 remote base speed pot

WEPTASTAND probe-trol stand assembly

WEPTATL1 probe-trol top limit option

WEPTATL1SA probe-trol top limit assembly