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ZigZag Feeds


Zig Zag and Wig Wag feeds move strip side to side to save material in circle blanking applications.

Material savings up to 30 % may be achieved.


Optimize material usage          

Optional ultra light aircraft aluminum feed body

Linear guide ways or rotating Pivot

Entry and exit stock guides

All threads heli-coiled

Brushless servo

Permanently lubricated bearings

High Speed

High Accuracy

Programmable lane shifts

Up to 30 lanes

Programmable startup over feed amount

Programmable centerline offset

zigzag screenzigzag panel  
    ZigZag programing screen  
  Press mounted linear Zig Zag feed. zigzag on a bracket  
  Base mounted linear slide ZigZag feed. zigzag on a base  
  Pivot type wigwag feed wigwag  
  See a 48 wide Zigzag feed in action on the multimedia page. 43 zigzag  
    43 wide zigzag on an adjustable passline machine base 30 inches of side shift travel.