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Roll Finish

  • Smooth Steel
  • Smooth Chrome
  • Polished chrome 4-6 rms
  • Matte Chrome
  • Krodon
  • Ti-n
  • Carbinite super grip
  • Urethane
  • Diamond Cut rolls
  • Roll finishes for your application
  Urethane rolls wpe6.jpg (10527 bytes)  
  Matt Chrome rolls provide extra grip roll5finish.jpg (33073 bytes)  
  Waddington No 5
28 grit
Waddington_5.jpg (91705 bytes)  
  Waddington No 1
satin finish
roll_std_chrome.jpg (33117 bytes)  
Waddington Diamond cut roll
digs in on the most slipery stock and  carbon crusted hot rolled
DIAMOND_CUT_1.jpg (49339 bytes)
  Carbinite super grip carbinite super grip  
  Carbinite super grip

Brute force
  Split ring rolls

For feeding U shaped hot rolled cut strips
  Custom ring rolls with detent hinge ring roll