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SF Direct Drive

Very accurate +-.0005
Zero backlash and compliance provides more responsive system performance
Integral sine encoder feedback provides resolution of over 2 million counts per revolution
Direct load connection eliminates maintenance of gearboxes, belts, or pulleys
Reduced number of components. no belts and pulleys
Gearing in oil with full thickness range without any adjustments.
Gears remain fully engaged through the entire feed thickness range.
New controls feature touch screen user interface.
CE compliant for global acceptance

Basic specifications:
Maximum Stock Width Up to9 inches
Maximum Stock Thickness .0625 inches
Minimum Feed Length .000 inches
Maximum Feed Length 1200.0000 inches
Standard Accuracy +/-.0005 inches
Power Supply (see options) 230V or 460V 1 and 3ph 60hz

Mechanical Features:

1.25" diameter smooth steel finish rolls Our special low inertia roll design is proven performer in thousands of applications.

Heavy duty dowel-pinned frame We start with high-quality precision ground steel plate.  After assembly and alignment, the frame is dowel-pinned. This insures long-term alignment and feeding accuracy, and has none of the stability problems associated with cast feed frames. The steel is finished with black oxide.

Permanently lubricated anti-friction bearings Long life back-to-back sets.

Gears between top and bottom rolls

Two adjustable stock entry guides Cam rollers with handles. No tools are required for adjustment.

Horizontal hold-down rollers at feed input These entry rollers keep material from jumping the stock guides during very high acceleration.

Precision Direct drive technology

High-speed air pilot release or mechanical pilot release Used for releasing the feed rolls, allowing pilot pins to take control of strip position, or to help compensate for defects in strip geometry. Waddington feeds feature one of the fastest air pilot release systems in use today.

Customers routinely use them for applications as high as 300 SPM. Waddington offers many types of mechanical pilot release mechanisms depending on press stroke length and speed.

We also offer servo-driven pilot release for applications that involve very high speeds and/or no mechanical access to the press crank shaft.

SF Under drive


Compact belt driven feeds feature motor located under the rolls.

Electrical Features:

Following error output Stops press or other equipment in event of stock jam or feed malfunction.

RS-232 interface For connection to remote computers or Data Instruments’ Spectrum, ProCamâ 1500, SmartPak, DiProâ 1500, and selected Link Systems for total press control integration.

Electrical surge suppressers 14 suppressers are provided to suppress any inductive coils found in the press electrical control system. Additional suppressers are available.
Control Console push buttons and operators. We use only NEMA 12 rated industrial operators.

Touch Screen Interface

Power "ON" (push button)

Emergency "STOP" (palm button)

Feed rolls open /closed / auto (selector)

Productivity Features

Optional Portable "SETUP" Push-button Station Jog Fwd / Jog Rev / JTL

An optional feature on Waddington feeds, the jog forward and reverse buttons are mounted in a 2 PB hand-held box and connected to the main electrical enclosure or operator station by a coil cord. There is also a storage pocket that can be mounted in a convenient location.

Thebuilt in  jog feature allows the press operator or setup person to jog the material through the die. When used in conjunction with jog-to-length feature, the material can be jogged up to stock guides started in the guides, and then continued into the next die station, the jog-to-length software will automatically stop the feed at exactly the proper location. This feature allows for rapid threading of progressive tooling with stock lifters or unsupported areas between die stations.
Electrical /Pneumatic roll open/close operation For easy stock threading into feed rolls.
Electrical I/O
E-Stop String Input Stops feed

E-Stop String Output Can be used to stop other equipment

Index Complete Used to cycle presses or other equipment and can be tied into die protection systems. This output is used in conjunction with the software settable index complete window.

Early index Complete  Used to start other equipment such as hydraulic presses. This output can start other equipment before the feed cycle is finished, and can decrease total cycle time when the feed is used with hydraulic presses.

2 Feed to sensor inputs Allows the feed system to position the material based on a registration mark or previously stamped feature on the strip.

Fault Signals other equipment in event of feed overload or failure

Following error Can be used to detect stock jams and other tooling and feeding problems

Control Console:

The control console  (NEMA 12) is wired to J.I.C. standards The enclosure is free standing type. The dimensions are approximately 24" x 24" x 12". Standard color: PRF light tan. The enclosure sits on a set of legs and the slant front push button station is located on the top of the cabinet.
Remote push button station
The push button station can also be remote mounted from the main feed enclosure. For customized installations and applications where die protection, electronic Cam switch, and programmable pattern options are ordered, larger push-button stations are utilized.

Documentation and support

Each feed ships with one set of D-Sized electrical drawings, an installation guide, an operator’s manual with programming instructions, examples and a trouble-shooting guide. In addition, factory manuals are provided for the positioning system and servo drive. All systems are followed by our computerized feed tracking database; all major feed components are tracked by serial number. This computerized system allows our service and support staff to provide prompt answers to your servo feed application questions and service requests.
Special Services

Customer supplied equipment (consult factory) We will gladly mount or provide space for customer supplied equipment such as extra switches, buttons, programmable Cams, die protection systems, programmable controllers, etc. (consult factory)