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Waddington NANO Feed


Much more than a low cost air feed replacement





Maximum Stock Width         2 or 4 inches
Maximum Stock Thickness          .040"
Maximum Feed Length          1200.000"

Standard Accuracy +/-                   .001"
Power Supply (see options)        120 or  230V 1ph 60hz


The PRF NANO feed features the following:


Mechanical Features:

Smooth steel finish rolls.
Steel frame
Permanently lubricated anti-friction bearings
Gears between top and bottom rolls
Two adjustable stock entry guides Cam rollers with handles. No tools are required for adjustment.
Horizontal hold-down rollers at feed input These entry rollers keep material from jumping the stock guides during very high acceleration.

Precision long life Kevlar timing belt Less elastic than steel, Kevlar belts are the ultimate choice for speed reduction in servo systems. We warranty the belt for 10 years.

Air pilot release:  Used for releasing the feed rolls, allowing pilot pins to take control of strip position, or to help compensate for defects in strip geometry. Waddington feeds feature one of the fastest air pilot release systems in use today.

nano contacts

Electrical Features

Brushless low-inertia Servo Motor With high temperature windings and internal thermal protector
Feedback Very high resolution Very accurate and Very rugged. Everything required for the best performing servo feed.

Motor Connectors Only the highest quality motor and feedback connectors are used to insure reliability.

Electrical surge suppressers 6 suppressers are provided to suppress any inductive coils found in the press electrical control system. Additional suppressers are listed under optional equipment.

Control Console push buttons and operators. We use only NEMA 12 rated industrial operators.

Power "ON" (push button)
Emergency "STOP" (palm button)
Feed rolls open /closed / auto (selector)


Operator Interface

 Industrial touch screen


Productivity Features

Data Entry

Waddington feeds come with a IP-66-rated (oil, water, and dust-tight) industrial touch screen. Changing the feed parameters, such as length, speed, and acceleration, is fast and simple.


The jog feature allows the press operator or setup person to jog the material through the die. When used in conjunction with jog-to-length feature, the material can be jogged up to stock guides started in the guides, and then continued into the next die station, the jog-to-length software will automatically stop the feed at exactly the proper location. This feature allows for rapid threading of progressive tooling with stock lifters or unsupported areas between die stations.


Electrical /Pneumatic roll open/close operation

 For easy stock threading into feed rolls.
Special Tools We provide special tools to help the setup person get the most from their new feed. T-handle wrenches are provided for operator mechanical adjustments like pilot release travel, anti-backlash gear setting and, in some cases, feed passline adjustment.


Electrical I/O

Registration input for precision location of printed or prefinished stock.
E-Stop String Input Stops feed.
E-Stop String Output Can be used to stop other equipment.
Index Complete Used to cycle presses or other equipment and can be tied into die protection systems.

Fault Signals other equipment in event of feed overload or failure
Load Meter Can be used to detect stock jams and other tooling and feeding problems.
Pilot release Our air operated pilot release driver can be interfaced with a variety of electronic Cams, limit and proximity switches.


Control Console:

The control console (NEMA 12) is wired to J.I.C. standards The dimensions are approximately 16" x 14" x 8".

Standard color: PRF light gray. The enclosure needs to be mounted. It should not be mounted to the press.

Documentation and support:

Each feed ships with one set of D-Sized electrical drawings, an installation guide, an operator’s manual with programming instructions, examples and a trouble-shooting guide.

In addition, factory manuals are provided for the positioning system and servo drive.

All systems are followed by our computerized feed tracking database; all major feed components are tracked by serial number. This computerized system allows our service and support staff to provide prompt answers to your servo feed application questions and service requests.

Special Services
Customer supplied equipment (consult factory) We will gladly mount or provide space for customer supplied equipment such as extra switches, buttons, programmable Cams, die protection systems, programmable controllers, etc. (consult factory)



Stock entry and control options
Strap type stock guide
Maintain proper radius for stock entering the feed.


Feed Mounting options

Mini mount                        5/8 adjustment

feed die mount

Heavy-duty Adjustable Mounting Bracket: 
For press side mounting of feed w/ +-1.5” travel.

Heavy-duty Adjustable Mounting Bracket: 
For press side mounting of feed w/ +-3” travel


Special Rolls

SLC series feeds come standard with smooth rolls. Matte Chrome feeds rolls are grit blasted and then finished with industrial chrome.

Matte Chrome Finish

Profiled rolls

Brand name finishes such as Kroton are also available but are basically the same composition. Chrome plated rolls provide excellent roll wear characteristics and the rougher finish provides improved traction between the rolls and the stock preventing material slippage during high acceleration. Smooth rolls work best with Prepainted materials and are also sometimes used to prevent material marking on some materials.

 Matte chrome is used in most general stamping operations and when increased gripping force is required


nano feed 2 and 4