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LD Direct Drive


LD Direct Drive feeds perform better because they are better.

Feeds with drive gearboxes have backlash, even feeds with a really low backlash of 1 arc min have 60 times more error than a direct drive feed.

Direct drive feeds perform reliability for billions of cycles with no change in accuracy or repeatability.


Very accurate     +-.0005

Very Fast

Zero backlash and compliance provides more responsive system performance
Integral sine encoder feedback provides resolution of over 2 million counts per revolution
Direct load connection eliminates maintenance of gearboxes, belts, or pulleys
Reduced number of components. no belts and pulleys
Gearing between rolls run in oil with full thickness range useable without any adjustments.
High speed AIR pilot release 3 is easy to adjust and optimize for maximum production.

Gears remain fully engaged through the entire feed thickness range.

New controls feature touch screen user interface.


Basic specifications:


Maximum Stock Width                 3 to 25 inches
Maximum Stock Thickness         .125 inches
Minimum Feed Length                 .000 inches
Maximum Feed Length                 1200.0000 inches
Standard Accuracy                         +/-.0005 inches
Power Supply (see options)         230V or 460V 1 and 3ph 60hz

  Mechanical Features:


Two-inch diameter smooth steel finish rolls Our special low inertia roll design is proven performer in thousands of applications.

Heavy duty dowel-pinned frame. After assembly and alignment, the frame is dowel-pinned. This insures long-term alignment and feeding accuracy, and has none of the stability problems associated with cast feed frames. The steel is finished with black oxide.

Permanently lubricated anti-friction bearings Long life back-to-back sets.

Gears between top and bottom rolls increasing stock-gripping force and eliminating backlash between the upper and lower rolls.

Two adjustable stock entry guides Cam rollers with handles. No tools are required for adjustment.

Horizontal hold-down rollers at feed input These entry rollers keep material from jumping the stock guides during very high acceleration.

Precision Direct drive technology

High-speed air pilot release or mechanical pilot release Used for releasing the feed rolls, allowing pilot pins to take control of strip position, or to help compensate for defects in strip geometry. Waddington feeds feature one of the fastest air pilot release systems in use today.

Customers routinely use them for applications as high as 400 SPM. Waddington offers many types of mechanical pilot release mechanisms depending on press stroke length and speed.

We also offer servo-driven pilot release for applications that involve very high speeds and/or no mechanical access to the press crank shaft.


  Electrical Features:

Available with

CS controls

CR Controls

  Compact feeds feature smaller motors and amplifiers than the standard feeds for applications that dont require the speed and power of our high speed machines LDDDcompact panel  


All feeds feature APR-3 the fastest easiest to use pilot release you can buy. Customers are running this pilot release at 400 SPM

Included feed software let you turn your laptop into a scope to perfectly dial in pilot timing or other press or feed signals.


Scope shows feed velocity, current, pilot movement and pilot reference signal from cam switch to check against actual pilot movement. Optimizing pilot release timing lets you increase press speeds and maximize production with confidence. Other signals and sensors can also be viewed on the scope.