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wpe11.jpg (16523 bytes)HD SERIES


  • HD Feed feature 1 or 2 servo motors
  • 2 or 4  four or six inch diameter rolls
  • widths to 60 inches
  • High Speed
  • High Accuracy


  • Heavy duty dowel-pinned frame We start with high-quality precision ground steel plate. All precision bores are machined in sets and, after assembly and alignment, the frame is dowel-pinned. This insures long-term alignment and feeding accuracy, and has none of the stability problems associated with cast feed frames. The steel is finished with black oxide.

  • Permanently lubricated anti-friction bearings Long life back-to-back sets.

  • Cluster gears between top and bottom rolls increases stock-gripping force and eliminating backlash between the upper and lower rolls.

  • Two adjustable stock entry guides Cam rollers with handles. No tools are required for adjustment.

  • Horizontal hold-down rollers at feed input These entry rollers keep material from jumping the stock guides during very high acceleration.

  • Precision long life Kevlar timing belt Less elastic than steel, Kevlar belts are the ultimate choice for speed reduction in servo systems. We warranty the belt for 10 years.

  • High-speed air pilot release or mechanical pilot release


Electrical Features:

Available with

CS controls

CR Controls