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Servo Driven Roll Feeds

Nobody makes more feed styles than Waddington.
That's why we have,
The Right Feed for your application. 


Multi-media feeds in action

mmicon allfeeds    

CS Series controls

Simple control for standard indexing of progressive dies and cut to length applications

small remote pb station Feeds can be used with any of the controls below depending on the requirements of the application..    

KAS Control

KAS Our Latest state of the art system for complex jobs requiring superior processing power and ease of use.

Multi-Axis Control for up to 5 feeds.
Features include registration, push pull, and dual drive, gag die.
Modular software design and TCIP access to feed screens and data.

AMS Control

Gag control with roll former interface.

AMS Control Unlike general-purpose controllers, AMS controllers are designed specifically for the needs of the roll forming industry. With an AMS controller installed on the roll forming line, many customers report a 20-30% increase in productivity due to the elimination of costly delays and scrapped materials.

With the XL200CL SERIES, parts are produced with a minimum amount of scrap. The powerful microprocessor can sequence from one part length to another without creating wasteful and costly scrap. This unique feature
makes in line punching practical for JIT (just in time) production systems.
Using “Eclipse Production Software”; order information can be downloaded and production information monitored with a PC from the office.

Standard Feeds


Nano Feed

Low cost Air Feed replacement for very small strips
nano contacts    


Roll diameter 1.25"


Roll diameter 1.25"


Roll diameter 2"


Roll diameter 2"


2.25 inch or 3 inch diameter rolls

Opens to one inch max. material thickness.

PLF Designed for light weight compressible materials like Foam board and Gator board.

TLG designed for heavier materials and higher speeds up to 1 inch thick



Roll diameter 3"



Roll diameter 4"


LC 4 roll

Roll diameter 4"

LC 4 roll      

HD Base mounted

Roll diameter 6"


HD Press Mounted

HD 24      


Custom designed to meet your requirements.      

Twin Top Roll

Multi-strips common feed length


Twin Drive

Dual strips independent feed length


Other Feeds


Multi Slide Feeds


Push/pull feeders


Cut Strip feeders

cut strip      

Zig-zag feeds

zigzag screen      

Other Feeds for wire and special applications


Feeder Straightener Combo machine


Customize your feed for your application


Roll Finishes

DIAMOND_CUT_1.jpg (49339 bytes)

Relieved rolls for feeding formed parts


Stock Control

hdq100 guide      
  High speed mechanical pilot release        
  Servo-driven pilot release      

Adjustable height bases and brackets


Length Checker

  Electronic cams        
  Proximity and fiber optic electronic pilot sensors (registration)        

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