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  See a CR push pull feed in action here.    
  Programmable Patterns Standard !!

The controller has the ability to have up to 255 different lengths in a "progression pattern".

It can repeat up to 99,999 times at each length before indexing at the next length.

There is a part counter that is incremented each time the system completes a pattern, and an output to stop the press or other machinery when the counter is satisfied.

Optional Outputs for controlling up to 22 "GAG" solenoids (6 standard), which can be used to control tooling and other machinery.

Programming is easy.

Programming is done through a NEMA-4 touch screen.

The system can be interfaced with other computers Setups can be saved as jobs with 3 digit job numbers.

  Programing features include


Edge detect


Continue command for combining motions in 1 move.

  ALL Feeds are Now available with SmartPac 2  and it also works with Programmable patterns !!!    
  Proven Performers


Waddington roll feeds are proven performers in industrial applications. They offer easy to understand programming and setup and unparalleled accuracy. Their Brushless motor technology and sealed bearings offer near-zero maintenance and microprocessor controls provide for fast, easy, and accurate length control to complement "just in time" and "quick die change operations."

Several control console arrangements are available to suit various pressroom space considerations, and five feed body variations allow selection of feed size to suit budget, performance, and capacity requirements.

  Increase Production
With indexing rates as high as 1500 spm (strokes per minute) our feeds have the fastest production rates in the industry; and, we can size the proper servo drive for your custom application using computer simulations of your stamping specifications. Production rates can increase as much as 300%.
  Quick Setup


Push-button control of feed length, speed and acceleration are provided and stock can be manually threaded and positioned in the tool using the remote jogging control station.

  Accurate Positioning (in either direction)


Accuracy in roll and bearing journal grinding and dowel-pinned heavy-duty feed frames are only part of the reason PRF feeds provide exceptional positioning performance. High bandwidth servo systems, zero backlash drive train, and high resolution high accuracy feedback provide for robust servo performance in the face of  varying load conditions.

  Big Performance in a Small Package


Compact, direct-coupled over and under-driven feeds fit in the same space as mechanical feeds.

They also have the added benefit of being locatable on any side of the press because they require no mechanical linkage to the press crank shaft.

  High-speed Air-operated Pilot Release
For opening and shutting feed rolls during stock piloting operation. Waddington Electronics has developed air pilot release mechanisms that operate at speeds up to 300 SPM.

APR-3 allows fast pilot travel adjustment allowing you to optimize pilot release travel and maximuize production.

Cylinders can be fitted with sensors for easy monitoring in critical situations. Free software for your laptop allows you to connect to the feed and monitor pilot timeing and feed performance.

Now you can crank up production and have confidence in what’s happening when you make adjustments to timing and index speed.
  Punch Press Shock Immunity and Resistance to Electrical Noise


Our new state of the art feedback devices are the most noise immune and shock resistant way to get position information from the feed to the positioning system.

  Computer Interface(Standard)

All PRF Feeds come Standard with RS-232 computer interface. LC, LD, UD and HD feeds also have Data Instruments Smart PAC® and ProCam and Die-Pro-1500 ® interfaces standard, allowing complete integration with other press control and monitoring functions.

Feed progression, speed, batch control, and programmed patterns can all be down-loaded by remote computers and flexible cell controllers.

All Waddington servo feeds are available with a variety of set-up storage options that allow complex setups to be recalled and reused quickly and easily. Just touch the screen and in seconds you can reprogram the electronic cam switch, feed length, speed and acceleration, load analyzer and die protection system.

PRF feeds feature low inertia rolls and high performance brushless servo motors. Motor windings selected for indexing applications ensure you will never have to wait for the feed portion of the press cycle. Top speeds in excess of 1400 ft/min (16,800 in/min) allow extremely high line speeds at long feed lengths. Low inertia and high peak motor torque allow indexing rates up to 1500 spm for short progressions.
   Data Input and Security
NEMA 4 touch screen is used for data input and can be provided with lockouts to keep unauthorized personnel from accidentally or intentionally changing feed parameters. Job storage options offer password protection for added safety.
   Optional Features


  Super multistroke ( programmable patterns with gag outputs Now Standard)


In addition, we offer complete application packages for perforating, hose clamps, hole saws, and other products that can be manufactured using flexible fabricating processes. In some cases, whole families of parts can be produced on one press with one die, where previously many presses, processes and tools were required.

Waddington Electronics Builds feeders in over 60 variations and sizes, and we will custom build feeds to suite your needs.

Feeds are listed by series SF to HD and then By special Application in general any of our feeds can be configured for any of the special applications.

We also offer many options and accessories to customize the feed to your application and if you don't see what you want just ask.