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AMS Control  

Unlike general-purpose controllers, AMS controllers are designed specifically for the needs of the roll forming industry. With an AMS controller installed on the roll forming line, many customers report a 20-30% increase in productivity due to the elimination of costly delays and scrapped materials

With the XL200CL SERIES, parts are produced with a minimum amount of scrap. The powerful microprocessor can sequence from one part length to another without creating wasteful and costly scrap. This unique feature makes in line punching practical for JIT (just in time) production systems.

Using “Eclipse Production Software”; order information can be downloaded and production information monitored with a PC from the office.

  Proven Performers


Waddington roll feeds are proven performers in industrial applications. They offer easy to understand programming and setup and unparalleled accuracy. Their Brushless motor technology and sealed bearings offer near-zero maintenance and microprocessor controls provide for fast, easy, and accurate length control to complement "just in time" and "quick die change operations."

Several control console arrangements are available to suit various pressroom space considerations, and five feed body variations allow selection of feed size to suit budget, performance, and capacity requirements.

  Quick Setup

Push-button control of feed length, speed and acceleration are provided and stock can be manually threaded and positioned in the tool using the remote jogging control station.

  Accurate Positioning (in either direction)


Accuracy in roll and bearing journal grinding and dowel-pinned heavy-duty feed frames are only part of the reason PRF feeds provide exceptional positioning performance. High bandwidth servo systems, zero backlash drive train, and high resolution high accuracy feedback provide for robust servo performance in the face of  varying load conditions.

Big Performance in a Small Package


Compact, direct-coupled over and under-driven feeds fit in the same space as mechanical feeds.

They also have the added benefit of being locatable on any side of the press because they require no mechanical linkage to the press crank shaft.

  High-speed Air-operated Pilot Release
For opening and shutting feed rolls during stock piloting operation. Waddington Electronics has developed air pilot release mechanisms that operate at speeds up to 300 SPM.

APR-3 allows fast pilot travel adjustment allowing you to optimize pilot release travel and maximuize production.

Cylinders can be fitted with sensors for easy monitoring in critical situations. Free software for your laptop allows you to connect to the feed and monitor pilot timeing and feed performance.

Now you can crank up production and have confidence in what’s happening when you make adjustments to timing and index speed.
PRF feeds feature low inertia rolls and high performance brushless servo motors. Motor windings selected for indexing applications ensure you will never have to wait for the feed portion of the press cycle. Top speeds in excess of 1400 ft/min (16,800 in/min) allow extremely high line speeds at long feed lengths. Low inertia and high peak motor torque allow indexing rates up to 1500 spm for short progressions.