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EZ Circuits.


Compact, Easy to use .

We Designed the EZ circuit product line to solve some control problems for our customers, Now they can solve problems for you too...

If you don't see the exact function you need we can modify an existing design or design a custom circuit just for you.
These modules mount on a DIN rail and truly easy to use.

From simple signal conditioning to complex mathematical calculations EZ circuits can solve your analog control equation.


Key Benefits

  • Compact
  • Easy To use
  • Real Time Computation
  EZ Circuit Analog Function Modules
Order key
Description Part Number
Power Supply PS-3-____-____
Positive Supply Voltage
Negative Supply Voltage
  Analog Signal Isolation Module SIGISO-1-____-____
Input Voltage Span
Output Voltage Span
  Master Reference Module MASREF-1  
PID Output PID-2
RMS Output RMS-2-____-____
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Analog Divider (Constant Line Speed Calculator) DIV-1
  Voltage To Freq Output V/F-1-____-____-____-___
Low Input Voltage
Low Frequency
Hi Input Voltage
Hi Frequency
  Frequency To Voltage Converter F/V-1-____-____-____-____
Low Frequency Input
Low Voltage Output
Hi Frequency Input =
Hi Voltage Output
  Analog Multiplier MUX-2   
3 Input Summing Amplifier SUM3-1-____-____-____-____
Input 1 N=Normal I=Inverted
Input 2
Input 3
Overall Gain
  % Ratio Option %TAP-2  
  Voltage To Current Loop Converter MAO-10 or 20  
  Voltage Comparator With Relay Output LB-2  
  Differentiator / Summer Filter DIFF-1  
  Load Cell Amplifier LOAD-1  
  Pulse Width To Voltage Converter PWVOLT-1
Pulse Width To Voltage Converter (Hi-Res) PWVOLT-1/Hi-Res
  Pulse Width Alarm w/Relay Output PWALARM-2
Pulse Width Alarm (Hi-Res) PWALARM-2/Hi-Res
  Sonar Sensor 1-30 Foot Range SS1
3-24 Inch Range (Hi-Res) SS2
5-48 Inch Range (Hi-Res) SS3
1.5-20 Foot Range SS4
  Triple Output Power Supply For SONAR PWSUPPLY-1 to 4
Triple Output Power Supply For SONAR (Hi-Res) PWSUPPLY-1/Hi-Res
  Din Rail Mounting Track DT-1 (35mm)  Per Mod.

Din Rail Mounting Track Per Meter DT-2 (1 Meter)
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