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Analog Multiplier





True Bipolar 4 quadrant

Low cost



Automatic Gain Control

Spindle speed matching for Flying splice

Variable gain loop controls

Power measurements

Instrumentation applications



P2= Null

Transfer Function Z=(X*Y)/10v

Total error  X–10,Y10V +- 1.5%

T=Min to max +-2.5%

Total error Vs Temp +- 0.4% /deg C

Non Linearity ,X (X=20V p-p Y=10V) +- .8%


Non Linearity ,Y (Y=20V p-p X=10V) +- .3%


Feed Thru Y (X nulled Y=20V Pk to Pk 50 Hz  30 mv


Feed thru Vs temp .2mv P-P / deg C