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Master Reference

Model # MASREF-1



Multi motor drive systems
Ramp Generator
  Function Provides a linear ramp to a multi drive system from a Step command change


uses power supply = Waddington PS-3 Module or other (+-) 15V source with ground.

Precision internal voltage reference adjustable between 9.7 and 10.3 volts.

Input 0 to 10 volts (or 10.24 volts)

Input current requirement: 007 Microamperes minimum.

Output: 0 to 10 volts (or 10.24 volts) o to 40mA.

Accuracy: Typical error, 0.025% of full output - Maximum error, 0.1% of full output

Independent timing adjustment ranges:
Acceleration, 2 to 40 seconds Linear.

Optional External Capacitor can be used to extend timing range 1MFD-4 to 80 seconds - 2MFD- to 120 seconds.


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