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Load Cell Amplifier





Designed for use with 4 leg strain gage bridges, 120 ohms per leg, nominal.

Adjustable gain output.

Separate buffered meter output.

Internal 6VDC bridge excitation voltage source.

Maximum signal gain of 100 times the differential input. 1000 gain optional

Uses PS-3 EZ-Circuit power supply module.



P1 Bridge Balance. Used to Tare or zero weight of load cdlls

P5 Output scale CCW to decrease, CW to increase voltage out.

P4 Lag, CCW to decrease CW to increase dampeing

P2 Lag Break, CCW to decrease, Cw to Increase dampening (max dampening level)


P3 Gain Trim, CCW to decrease 10% (calabrate)

P6 Meter output trim.