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  Frequency to Voltage Converter
  Model #      F to V-1  


High speed optically isolated input

Output can be isolated from ground

Din Rail Mounting

Output offset and gain adjustment

High Linearity +- .01% max at 10Khz

Max input frequency 500 kHz




High noise immunity data link



P2 Frequency to voltage Gain

P1 Offset



F/V-1 Calibration:

1.       Apply power to the module.

2.       Connect VoltMeter NEG(-) to pin E and connect POS(+) to pin F for positive voltage out or pin D for negative voltage out.

3.       Turn P1 and P2 full CCW (about 20 turns)

4.       Now turn P2 1 turn CW

5.       Next, set P1 to deliver 0vdc output or other voltage if desired. There should be no pulses going into the module at this time.

6.       Now turn your pulse generator on. Run it up to full speed and set desired output voltage using P2. Typically this about 10vdc output.

7.       Now decrease speed by half. Now check your voltage it should be half of your full speed setting. If this is true you have now setup your module.