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Electronic DC Injection Brake for AC motors to 30 HP

* Zero speed shutoff
* Works on virtually any AC motor
* Increase production and Safety
* Reduce maintenance

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DYNA STOP II Electronic A.C. Motor brake has an Electronic Zero Speed Function that monitors Rotor rotation and applies D.C. current until the motor has stopped... regardless of load.

Its solid state circuitry assures complete reliability and there are no power consuming and heat generating transformers or capacitor banks.

DYNA STOP II can be mounted anywhere because there are no mechanical shafts to connect or equipment modifications required. Installation is fast and easy. There are only 7 wires used to make connections to the power line, motor and starting contactor coil.

DYNA STOP II is the perfect motor brake for fast cycling operations. Its smooth torque engagement practically eliminates all wear on key ways and splines and fast braking means there's no waiting for equipment to stop... and that means increased safety and greater productivity.


Adjustable stopping torque.
Easy to retrofit.
Timer or zero speed mode operation.
Soft starting of dc to protect scr life.
Improved motor starter interlock.
Oversized scr's.
Pulse train hard fired scr gate insure scr turn on.


Completely automatic
Adjustable stopping time (Torque)
Easy To install
Mounts anywhere no mechanical modifications to machinery
Low Cost (cost less that mechanical Brakes and No maintenance)
Decreased cycle time
No brake linings to replace
No routine maintenance

DYNA-STOP II can be connected to Virtually any existing AC motor, power for the brake control and power circuits is supplied from 2 wires connected to the line side of the motor starter, 3 wires are then connected to the load side of the starter and a starter interlock is provided to insure motor lockout during braking of the motor. Stopping time is changed simply by adjusting the Torque potentiometer on the Brake and the zero speed Circuit insures that braking current is removed from the motor when zero speed is reached. The elimination of the brake timer allows for rapid jogging sequences because the brake stays on only long enough to stop the motor.

Applications for the

DYNA-STOP II include:
Power Transmission
Rolling Mills
Crane Trolly

Fans (Anti-Windmill Device)
Centrifuges And Extractors
Tapping Heads
Milling Machines
Boring Machines
Punch Presses
Gear Hobbers
Gang Saws