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  Servo Driven Roll Feed Direct Drive LD series

You build the best dies

Your Customers want the best parts.

Shouldn't you have the best feeds.

Servo Driven Roll Feed Direct Drive LD series  

Waddington True Feeds deliver the accuracy, speed, and reliability you need to deliver the best parts.





New 2018

Caterpillar Feed

Fly around

For formed and other shaped products

Many diffrent attachment chains and grippers available


New 2018 Sneek Peak

  • Feed and Form

  • Upgraded tandem wire feed

  • New light duty cascade rolls

  • LT Pull rolls

  • Twin Drive edge driven feeds

  • APR3 retrofit kit

Micro Straightener

HD feed Design Update

Micro Straightener with 3/8" diameter rolls  

NEW  for 2016

Superdancer shaft version

For connection to your existing mechanical linkage.
Super Dancer Sensor Box

Eliminate worn out dancer Potentiometers forever !


NEW  for 2017!

New low cost packages from Waddington

LDDD feeds with compact motors and amplifiers add up to big servo performance at a lower cost for applications that don’t require as much power as our standard feeds.

Roll Feed


NEW  for 2017!


Twice the grip.

Roll Feed Tandem Roll

Four roll feed design offers twice the grip for heavy material.

Tandem Roll Feed  Tandem Roll Feed

Four roll LC Feeds have the power and strength to cover a wide range of applications.

When moving heavy loads 4 roll feeds give twice the traction to insure proper strip position.

With all the great features of our standard LC feeds, four roll Waddington feeds deliver material to your punching machine quickly and accurately.

Available with all of our easy to use feed controls covering the full spectrum of punching and cut off applications.


NEW  for 2016!

New pull roll design offers lower cost with high performance.

Pull Roll LT style

When you don’t need a powered straightener but need a way to pull material into a free loop you need a Waddington pull roll.


NEW  for 2015!

Nano Wire Feed

Feeds for very small wire and flat stock

Roll Feed for very thin wire  

NEW  for 2014!  
TL Series

Feeds for very thick materials

Features digital indicators for fast precision setup.

Available with CR and CS series controls


Roll Feeds for very thick material  

LDUD True Feed  fits on Minster Pulsar.

0600ldud on pulsar

Multi Media: Servo loop in operation.

Triple Feed and Quad Feed

Innovative design allows feeding many strips at once.
Quad Roll Feed


Multi strip straighteners


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About Us

Since 1956 Waddington Electronics has supplied controls and machinery to industry around the world.

Our focus is on providing the highest quality equipment including servo driven Roll Feeds, Precision Stock Straighteners, Loop Controls, and EZ Circuit analog control building blocks, calculation,  and instrumentation modules.

We are an equipment sponsor to the TMA training center. providing a servo feed and stock straightener to the Chicago area training facility.

We are a member of PMA , the metal stamping association.

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John Waddington V.P.

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